Custom Hydraulic Boat Trailer Fabrication

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Meet Stephen Morse

Stephen Morse
comes by his practical approach from a career working on boats and the commercial waterfront. After working on a tugboat in New York Harbor for five years, Morse wanted to be closer to home. He quickly discovered a need for a boathauler in northern New England; bought his now-well-known 1988 Volvo truck, painted white with blue waves; and built his first blue hydraulic trailer 13 years ago. Now his company, Morse Overland Marine, is a leader in custom hydraulic boat trailers. The company builds the finest quality equipment at lower prices than other competitors, due to the lower costs of operation.


We build a custom trailer to meet your every need; in most cases for the same price as many stock trailers. Let's talk; together, we can build a rugged and dependable boat moving solution for you.

The Customer Experience

Our customers define what constitutes good customer service and satisfaction.